Nothing to Tweet

I’ve met a number of people who are familiar with Twitter but are not sure why they would use it. They don’t have a topic they would like to ‘tweet’ about, and they don’t feel the need to share everyday life updates in real-time. But a person can derive value from a Twitter account without ever posting an update.

This value comes from using Twitter as an information monitoring tool. Simply create an account and start following thought leaders and media outlets in your subject of choice. When you log in to your account, you can skim thoughts and headlines shared by those you follow, saving you time and helping you keep current on trends.

Need help finding useful and valuable Twitter accounts to follow in your subject of choice? When you create your account, Twitter helps get you started with lists of Twitter accounts in different areas of interest. You can choose to follow accounts from those lists.

Find more useful accounts by checking your favorite websites’ homepages for Twitter buttons that link to their Twitter accounts. You can also try Google searching a name/title plus “Twitter.”

For example, when you enter "CFM Strategic Communications" and "Twitter” in a Google search, you will find our Twitter account.

Consider creating a Twitter account to start monitoring a subject or subjects of your choice, from career interests and industry news to hobbies. If you’re interested in monitoring communications trends, here are a few recommendations to get you started:

Note: If you use Twitter solely for information monitoring, don’t expect to amass a following. After all, if you’re not sharing anything, what value do you bring to the table for someone else?