Start With a Simple Website

Portland Cafe CREMA is an excellent example of a simple website. Check it out at new business owners forgo creating a website until they can get it just right. This is a major missed opportunity.

During launch, new businesses often receive attention, including media and blog coverage. Most publications will include a link to the business’ website. Links from established publications will increase the likelihood that Google will index the website’s URL, even if it’s updated later with a more sophisticated version.

Starting with a simple website will ensure a business does not miss the opportunity to capitalize on the initial buzz surrounding its launch. It gives the business time to be strategic about launching a more sophisticated site later if desired. After operating for a few months, a business owner will have a better idea of what information customers want and need.

Instead of spending months creating the perfect website, consider getting started with a simple site. Here are three tips for creating a simple website.

1) Start with basic details, but continue to add information.

When creating your simple site, be sure to include the key details, such as hours, address, price range and whether you accept credit cards. During your first few months, keep track of the questions people ask when they contact you. Be sure to update your website to include those details.

2) Include an e-mail sign-up form.

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool, and it’s never too early to start building your database. If you do launch a more sophisticated site, it will be easy to send an e-mail directing early visitors to the new site.

3) Consider using a blog.

Blogs are a great alternative to traditional websites. Not only are they easy to create, blogs are also easy to update. Regularly updating your blog will help your search engine optimization (SEO). Be sure to create an ‘about page’ with all of your business’s key details.

Launching a new business? CFM can partner with you to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes website creation. Contact Gary Conkling to learn more.