Six Reasons You Don't Have Facebook Fans

You've created a company Facebook page, but it isn't growing. Here are six reasons your fan page doesn't have fans:

1. You're not targeting potential fans offline. If no one knows you have a page, no one will become a fan.

2. You're only using one offline method to tell your potential fans about your page. Reaching customers offline is difficult. Give your Facebook page as much exposure as possible. Repetition can help. Remind your customers you're on Facebook in as many ways as possible.

3. Facebook search sucks. This isn't really your fault, but it's good to know. After using Google for years, we expect any search engine to provide quality, related results. Unfortunately, Facebook search has issues. Customers using search probably are going to have trouble finding your page.

4. You don't have a custom url. Once your page has more than 100 fans, you can set a custom url. You can print this url on your materials, making it easier for people to find your page without relying on Facebook search.

5. You don't have your page featured on your website. Featuring a Facebook button on your homepage is a great first step. Want to take it to the next level? Add a Facebook feed widget to your homepage. For an example check out this website we developed for our client Olympic Fencer Mariel Zagunis.

6. You're not using Facebook Ads. Using Facebook ads is truly low hanging fruit. We've helped clients achieve dramatic results for the fraction of the cost of traditional print advertising.

Of course, getting fans is only the first step. In order to have a successful Facebook presence, your page must have engaging quality content. Without engagement, a high number of fans is useless.