The Importance of Yammering at Work

We don’t mean orally Yammering. We mean using Yammer, a private social network that revolutionized CFM’s internal communications. Essentially Yammer is a private instant messaging service for staff at your company. The network allows users to communicate, collaborate and share information easily and efficiently.

CFM started using Yammer in 2009. The primary reason for embracing the internal communication technology was that CFM needed a way to keep staff updated on each other’s work given the geographic challenges between the Washington DC, Salem and Portland offices. Two years later, most everyone at CFM uses Yammer to communicate and collaborate – even the staff that you would least expect (social networking critics) are posting Yams (the official term for a post on Yammer) a few times a day.

Here are some key features of Yammer:

  • Groups – You can create and join private groups and collaborate in small teams within your network;
  • Sharing capability – You can upload and share files, links and images with co-workers;
  • Direct messaging – Similar to Twitter, you can have a private conversation with a co-worker through direct messaging; and
  • Smartphone applications – You can install an application on your smartphone to increase the functionality of your network.

Bottom line: If you’re wanting to dip your co-workers’ toes in the ocean of social networking, take a baby step and implement Yammer at your office. Let us know how it improves your internal communications.

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