Three Integrated Communications Tips

The cure for communications chaos is the consistency you achieve through integrated communications.It's a chaotic world out there. You have a lot to say, with lots of places to say it, but nobody seems to pay attention.

You are not alone.

The best antidote is integrated communications — creating consistent messaging across all points of contact with your customers and stakeholders.

Here are three tips about integrated communications

Integrate your message with your strategy

If you are selling your product based on price, talk about price. If you selling your service because of a particular feature, talk about the feature. Make sure your message aligns with your marketing strategy.

Integrate your message across all channels

Advertising, events and point-of-sale promotions should convey a harmonious message, delivered in complementary ways over multiple channels — from print to social media to billboards. Encircle your customer with your message and reinforce your brand, value proposition and call to action.

Integrate your message across organizational lines

Your government relations positions shouldn't contradict your marketing message. What you tell the local chamber of commerce shouldn't be at odds with what you tell investors. What you tell the news media shouldn't be inconsistent with what you tell your employees. When you can't keep your message straight, there is a natural suspicion you aren't telling the truth. Consistent messaging builds trust.

You may not be able to rein in chaos, but you can avoid adding to it.

Work hard to sharpen your message so it is easy to understand and believable. Then make sure everyone gets your message with an integrated communications strategy.