Five Tips for a Successful Personal or Company Blog

So you’ve started a blog. Now what? Maybe you want to blog about your culinary adventures, or your most recent trip to a foreign country, or about a day in the life of your crazy family. Or perhaps your company has harnessed the power of the Interweb in its marketing, and you’re finding yourself a regular contributor to your company blog. Whatever the case, here are five tips that will make you a better blogger.

  1. Keep your posts short and concise. One of the biggest mistakes I see on other blogs is that the posts are way too long. A good blog post should say everything it needs to say in about 250 words. That’s about four to five medium-sized paragraphs. Using bulleted lists is a great way to keep it short.
  2. Write in your real tone and voice. If you’re writing a post for a company blog, then sure, you may need to keep your tone a little more professional, but not so much that your post sounds like a big pile of corporate jargon. You want to inform and entertain your readers, not scare them away.
  3. Post regularly. While we don't always reach our target, we at CFM make sure a new blog is posted for each of our five business lines every week. You can manage this by first, keeping your posts short, and second, by creating an editorial calendar for your blog. The most successful blogs post new content at least a few times a week. By regularly posting quality content on your blogs, you will keep your readers returning for more and will build your presence in the online community.
  4. Incorporate multimedia. This can be photos, video, audio, animation or hyperlinks to other web pages. Whatever it is, multimedia allows for interactivity with your readers and makes your blog post more visually appealing. I always include at least one photo in each of my blog posts.
  5. Market your blog. Make sure you have an RSS feed for your blog, and that it is easy for readers to sign up. If you have a Twitter profile, be sure to tweet links to new blog posts. If you have a Facebook page and are comfortable with friends reading your blog, post a link on your feed. Lastly, include a link to your blog in your email signature, on your business cards, LinkedIn profile and anywhere else you want to market it.

There are several theories that claim blogging is on its way out. I don’t believe that at all. In fact, the blogosphere is just reaching its maturity, and bloggers are figuring out the tools and tricks for a successful blog. Hopefully you find the tips above helpful.