Does Your Brand Need to be On Social Media?

When we ask company officials and marketers why they are on social media, they often say they aren’t sure. Don’t waste time. Have a plan that integrates your social media into your overall brand strategy, connecting you with your loyal customers.

Here are tips to help assess your online strategy:

Step 1: Listen.

Start monitoring your company or brand on social media. Find out on which platforms you’re being discussed the most. Doing this is easy. By setting up a Google Alerts search, as well as Social Media Firehose. Assess the number and quality of the conversations. If you can facilitate positive relationships with your customers on these platforms, then you probably should be active on social media.

Step 2: Prepare.

Once you have found the platforms where your brand is being talked discussed, put out some feelers out in your office to look for the appropriate people to help you manage this task. It could be someone from marketing, but it could be anyone that is comfortable engaging people – even the CEO. Once you have your voice, set a social media policy. The most important step is to integrate what you are doing on social media with the rest of your marketing strategy.

Step 3: Define your engagement strategy.

After monitoring you brand on the Web, you’ll discover you don’t need a presence on every social media platform. It’s not an efficient use of resources. By choosing one or two platforms, you will be able to have richer conversations with your online advocates – and engage critics, who can become your most loyal fans if you are responsive.

Step 4: Write a plan.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 above lay the groundwork for a communications plan. Set two or three achievable goals for your company and identify the tactics needed for success. Developing fresh content is where companies struggle most. You may want to write a content calendar to plan and develop your topics.

Step 5: Measure your success.

Success indicators should be identified in your plan. What’s the level of interactivity? Are your conversations occurring in your main target markets? This is always a tricky area and there are several resources online that will measure outcomes.