Send Sustainably: Keep the Thoughtful Touch, Lose the Paper

No trees were harmed during the sending of this invitation.Vellum, cardstock, ribbons and a glue stick are some of the items that may be used to create special invitations with a personal touch. But when you’re faced with the challenge of connecting with hundreds of people, the above can be time-intensive and costly, and doesn’t meet today’s market expectation of sustainability through minimizing paper use. 

A number of online invitation tools exist, but oftentimes there is a gap between the thoughtfulness and visual appeal of a paper-made invitation with its online alternative. The personal touch can be difficult to replace, but a website called Paperless Post provides online stationary that is not only visually appealing and customizable, but also can provide a virtual experience that mimics receiving and opening an envelope. 

The site provides customizable, user-friendly templates for note cards, announcements and invitations organized by category, and designs range from simple to dazzling. A company can carry over its branding by sending its logo to Paperless Post, which will make it available to include on certain templates. Invitations sent with logos incur an additional per-invitation fee (which you purchase in increments), and standard fees are significantly less than postage

One of our favorite Paperless Post features, however, is its robust back-end tracking system (see a demo by clicking on “Learn More” from the homepage, then “Tracking”). The tracking system makes it easy for the event planner to read recipient comments quickly, see who is attending an event, who has declined, who has opened the E-mail and who has not. This helps the planner keep lists current and follow-up with ease. 

The only things missing from the site were the ability to add more than one image to the templates we were working with, and the ability to add our logo to any template (not just some). But the positives of Paperless Post far outweigh these minor setbacks, and we were impressed that a Paperless Post representative helped us mitigate account set-up issues quickly, and our logo was made available on the site the same day. 

Have you used any online invitation sites? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.