Mail Chimp: Silly Name, Great Email Campaigns

Wait. Mail what? Yes, you read it correctly. Mail Chimp is the name of the service CFM uses to send email campaigns.

For years, CFM used another tool for creating e-mail blasts. After building our website entirely in-house, we needed a new tool for sending our Weekly Blog Digest. After checking out options, CFM selected Mail Chimp. We couldn’t be happier. Here are six reasons why we made the switch, and you should too.

1. Cost
Wait, isn’t sending e-mail free? While sending e-mail from your personal account is usually free, sending professional html e-mails with full analytics can be expensive. Considering Mail Chimp’s robust features, it’s difficult to beat the price. Mail Chimp even offers a free version for smaller senders. For CFM, the cost of Mail Chimp was significantly less than our former e-mail sender.

2. Professional E-mails without coding
Not a technical genius? That’s okay. Mail Chimp is designed to help regular people create professional-looking e-mails without entering a single line of code. While CFM opted to create a custom template, Mail Chimp offers dozens of impressive, pre-built templates, which are easy to customize.

3. Amazing analytics
Not only does Mail Chimp offer standard analytics – such as open and click-through rates – it creates individualized profiles for each subscriber. This makes it easy to gauge subscriber engagement. Also, connect Mail Chimp with Google Analytics to easily track how your campaign is driving traffic to your website. You can even check to see how your campaign is performing through your mobile phone.

4. Integration with Social Media
With SocialPro, Mail Chimp offers in-depth analytics about how many of your subscribers are using social media. This feature alone sets Mail Chimp apart from other e-mail services. With Mail Chimp’s Facebook app, it’s easy to add a signup form to your company Facebook page.

5. Easy List Management
Mail Chimp makes it easy to segment e-mail lists. Through Mail Chimp’s form creator, you can give subscribers the opportunity to receive e-mail only about topics that interest them. With SocialPro, you can send a blast to subscribers on a particular social network.

6. Excellent Support
Have a problem? Mail Chimp offers more information than you can shake a banana at. With an easy-to-search collection of blog posts and guides, there is a good chance of finding the answer to your problem without ever needing to click “Contact Us.” However, if you do need support, Mail Chimp is very responsive – answering most questions within a few hours.

Don’t let the sleek interface or silly name scare you away. Mail Chimp can make sending e-mail campaigns easier and less expensive. Have you tried Mail Chimp? If so, let me know what you think in the comments below.