Tracking Your Reputation Online

Online, users can receive customer service (think Comcast and Twitter), have personally relevant experiences (think Amazon recommendations and targeted Facebook ads) and make their voices heard when they've had a positive or negative experience (think Yelp).

We now look to online resources to help us make decisions on everything from which new restaurant to try to what hotel to book.

When making decisions, people look to the wisdom of crowds. If one person has a bad experience, it could just be a fluke. However, if 20 people shared that experience, the business has a problem. As a business owner, monitoring online conversation can quickly and easily help spot problems and identify solutions.

At CFM, we help businesses and brand managers understand and improve reputations. Tuning in to the online conversation is essential to improving and growing relationships with stakeholders. However, how do you monitor all of the places customers are posting about their experiences?

If you're a hotel manager, the process is now easier. 

Our team just caught wind of Revinate -- web-based software that helps hoteliers track the online conversation with ease, and we wanted to share it as an exemplary tool for customer relationship management.

Revinate allows hotels to track what is being said about their brand in one convenient dashboard. See the video below for the details.

Know of similar applications for other businesses? Share them by posting a comment below.


Photo by UggBoy♥UggGirl Creative Commons License Attribution 2.0 Generic