Using Google Places to Increase Your Business’ Visibility

CFM has used Google Places to promote its services and website.Last April, Google announced a new feature for Google Maps: Google Places. Places allow businesses to add extended information to Google Maps listings.

Through these profiles, businesses provide relevant information directly to customers, such as hours and services, and dynamic content including photos and videos. By allowing businesses to claim listings, Google also insures that its content is up-to-date and accurate.

CFM was one of the many companies that chose to claim and customize its Google Places account. Through customizing the listing with keywords, CFM was able to help people searching for our services to find our website. Also, CFM utilized the video feature as a helpful way to learn more about us.

One of the major benefits of claiming a Google Places profile is the access to analytics. At CFM, we have used these results to help refine our keywords on our website and increase traffic. Also, the links displayed in Google Places have directly increased traffic to our website.

To learn more about how you can utilize Google Places for your business, watch the video below.