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Transportation Bill Defies the Odds and Will Likely Pass in a Divided Congress

Congress is set to vote today on a much-debated transportation bill that avoids calamity, but doesn't keep pace with needed infrastructure investment.The MAP-21 transportation bill is scheduled for a vote in the House today and the Senate shortly thereafter.  The House should pass the measure easily and the Senate will likely do the same. The Obama Administration supports the bill and will likely sign it tonight.

As with any bill, not all sides are happy.  Transportation For America, a group focused on investing in transportation infrastructure, believes the bill is a missed opportunity: 

"We are encouraged that Congress will avoid a shutdown of the program. Unfortunately, this last-minute, closed-door deal does little more than that. The bill ultimately looks and feels like what it is: A stopgap that is the last gasp of a spent 20th century program. It doesn’t begin to address the needs of a changing America in the 21st century... What has been billed as a “compromise” on transportation instead represents a substantial capitulation in the face of provisions threatened by the House that had no relevance to the transportation debate.  In many respects, the bill falls far short of progress."