Senator Jon Kyle

Patty Murray Named Super Committee Co-chair

Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash, has been named co-chair of the debit cutting “super committee.” Photo by Bread for the World.Nine of the 12 members of the deficit reduction “super committee” have been chosen. At the center of the storm will be Washington Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat, who will serve as co-chair.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also appointed Senators John Kerry and Max Baucus, all tapped with the daunting responsibility to cut an additional $1.5 trillion in federal funding. The super committee is a result of the debt deal and will consist of a dozen members of Congress selected by Senate and House Leadership from both parties. Their task is to put forward a plan of approved spending cuts by November 23.

As co-chair of the super committee, Senator Murray will be thrust into the middle of the most contentious and impactful policy negotiations in decades. The formation of the super committee means spending cuts for all programs could be on the table, including Social Security, Medicare, tax reform, tax increases and any and all domestic policy items that have been stalled in Congress for years.