Oregon's First Congressional District

First District Race a Yawner

David Wu's resignation amid a sex scandal teed up expectations of national media attention to select his successor, as it did when Andrew Weiner resigned after his sexting scandal. Photo by BikePortland.org.Oregon's First Congressional District special election next month has failed to capture national attention as expected. In fact, former Congressman David Wu has attracted more press notice by showing up on Capitol Hill to attend congressional hearings.

Wu's resignation this fall amid a sex scandal involving an under-age woman, which Wu continues to deny, seemingly set the stage for national political theater, akin to what happened in the wake of New York Congressman Andrew Weiner's resignation following a sexting scandal. But it hasn't happened here, at least so far.

To be sure, some national campaign money has flowed in for ads for and against Democrat Suzanne Bonamici and Republican Rob Cornilles. But neither has been hounded by a horde of reporters from national media. Both are running generally positive ads about themselves and the values they offer. The race as a result has been rather ho-hum.

One leading public opinion poll suggests Bonamici is leading Cornilles by a 52-41 margin, which could account for the lack of interest. If Cornilles was leading, the race would be touted by GOP leaders as a further sign of voter rejection of President Obama and Congressional Democrats. Fox News would be all over the story.