Doug Babb

Senior Associate of Public Relations (Senior Gray Beard)

How did a guy who hated to study math, science and business while attending high school and college in Portland, Oregon, find himself centrally involved in, and thoroughly enjoying, major community-building projects?

Projects such as:

  •     Renovating Portland’s historic city hall;
  •     Constructing Portland's first light rail line;
  •     Building Oregon's largest sanitary landfill near Arlington.
  •     Managing communications for the Fort-To-Sea Trail construction project;
  •     Advising the American Electronics Association and university engineering programs.

According to his mentor, the late Wilma Morrison of Portland State University, "He had a talent for explaining things." It's a skill that propelled Doug on a long career. With more than 35 years of experience in Oregon, Doug was named winner of the prestigious 2005 William Marsh Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Portland Metro Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Out of the office, he is a shunpiker, a person who avoids the main highway in favor of the back roads. It has taken him to countless nooks and hideaways throughout the North Pacific Coast, as well as 49 states. 

  • Former board member and officer (1994-2006) of several Portland-area nonprofit providers of mental health and addiction counseling services.
  • Former board member, Public Relations Society of America/Portland Metro Chapter, 2002-2004 and 1994-1995. Doug served a chair of the 2003 Bylaws Review Committee, resulting in the most extensive update in chapter history. He also served three times as chair of the board nomination committee.
  • Former chair, Ladd Circle Grocery Research Committee, a neighborhood group successfully completing a marketing survey for a food cooperative proposed as a replacement for the beloved community grocery in Portland's historic Ladd's Addition.

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