Darrel Buttice

Of Counsel

Darrel has dealt with prison riots, airplane crashes, bomb threats, hijackings, natural disasters, death threats, construction accidents and labor unrest. He insists that dealing with controversy was not his first choice for a PR specialty. It just happened.

In 1971, when the Oregon Legislature assembled all social service programs into the Department of Human Resources, Darrel was asked to handle communications for the new agency. Departments included mental health, corrections, welfare and children services, and dealing with unusual incidents became routine for him.

Darrel joined the Port of Portland in the late 1970s as Director of Public Affairs. Just three weeks later, a United DC 8 with 175 passengers and crew onboard crashed in northeast Portland. This trend of crisis intervention continued throughout his 20-year career with the Port.  In 1999, Darrel joined CFM as godfather of its Reputation Management practice, helping companies identify potential problems and design strategies to avoid them. Semi retired, he now serves in an Of Counsel role for CFM.

  • Past President, Portland Rose Festival Association, one of the nation's most recognized community festivals.
  • Board member, Oregon Maritime Museum. OMM is responsible for promoting Portland's maritime heritage. It owns and operates the Portland Steamer, which was the last working steam-powered tugboat in America.
  • Member, Friends of Baseball, a foundation created to provide grants to help struggling little league teams throughout Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.
  • Board member, School House Supplies, a free store for Portland teachers.
  • Volunteer, Oregon Humane Society. Wanna doggie?