CFM Turns 25


CFM turns 25 this year and we plan to celebrate. We have added some silver glamor to our logo, redesigned our website with a storytelling format and launched "25 Stories" that characterize our work and passion for the past quarter century.

Later in the year, we will uncork a special-label wine produced by Willamette Valley Vineyards and unveil some other surprises.

While the past 25 years have been a blast and gone by all too quickly, our 25th anniversary celebration is also about marking our next 25 years of serving clients.

"We are proud of our work in the past 25 years," says CFM President and co-founder Gary Conkling. "But it is just the beginning of what CFM can do. We have a new generation of professionals at CFM who are upholding our ideals for integrity and delivering quality client service that gets results."

CFM began as a friendly spinout from Tektronix, then Oregon's largest private employer. CFM has evolved into one of the Pacific Northwest's leading public affairs and strategic communications agencies. The firm offers five business lines – state lobbying, federal lobbying, public affairs, marketing public relations and market and public opinion research.

"From the start, our vision was to offer clients seamless, integrated solutions to their communications challenges," Conkling says. "Some clients take advantage of multiple CFM services, while others just use one of our services. But our staff is engaged in all of our services, so they assist clients with a panoramic view of what's possible to solve a problem."

"When we started CFM 25 years ago, some doubted we would survive. We had a few doubts ourselves," Conkling recalls. "What made the difference was a commitment to help clients tell their story in energetic, authentic and factual ways. We looked at every challenge as an opportunity and every communications channel as a promising avenue."

"I can't imagine not doing what we do everyday," Conkling adds. "We come to work everyday with a chance to make a difference for clients we believe in."