CFM Roommate Name Change


Allison+Partners, which is based out of San Francisco and now has 18 offices in major markets worldwide, acquired Frause, including its Portland operation that is housed with CFM.

The Frause team is now the Allison+Partners team in Portland, except with a much bigger bench that extends to three continents. Bob Frause will remain affiliated with his former company in an of-counsel relationship. Frause was based in Seattle., where Allison+Partners also maintained an office.

Frause co-located his Portland team with CFM to create more synergy between the firms, which have overlapping, but different core competencies and expertise. The co-location enables the two firms to identify joint client opportunities, but only a daily basis offers a more diverse set of professionals with which to collaborate.

"We've enjoyed having the Frause team working side-by-side with us and we welcome the even larger team from Allison+Partners," says Gary Conkling, CFM president.

CFM and Allison+Partners have a longer association, as both were members of the Pinnacle Worldwide network.

"We know and respect the leaders of Allison+Partners," Conkling says. "They serve clients as we do, providing senior communications counsel based on experience and knowledge."