Airbnb Launches Shared City Initiative

Airbnb has launched its "Shared Cities" initiative with Portland as its model city using an innovative storytelling press statement.

CEO Brian Chesky posted the engaging statement that talks about the historic role cities have played as "sharing platforms" and describing Airbnb's principles of being good neighbors, supporting local small businesses, fostering communities and cooperating with cities to "share with those in need."

The Shared City model in Portland, which was fashioned in collaboration with Mayor Charlie Hales, will include:

  • Enabling local hosts to donate money they earn to local causes, which Airbnb will match with a percentage of its fees;

  • Providing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors available to all hosts;

  • Collecting and remitting tax revenues to the City; and

  • Offering disaster relief housing and response assistance in collaboration with Portland's Bureau of Emergency Management.

Fortune magazine, which broke the story nationally, said the Shared City is a "plan to leverage the Airbnb community to contribute economic, social, and environmental improvements to the city." 

"CFM appreciates the opportunity to work alongside Airbnb, a pioneer in the sharing economy that is continuing to blaze new trails," says CFM Partner Dan Jarman.