Frause Shares Space with CFM

Frause, a Seattle-based integrated communications firm with a 3-person Portland staff, is now sharing office space with CFM Strategic Communications.

While the firms remain separate, they plan to look for opportunities to leverage their collective skills and industry knowledge.

“Our firms have worked side by side on client projects,” says CFM President Gary Conkling, “so we felt it made sense to work side by side in an office setting to maximize our synergy.”

“Frause and CFM have complementary talents that could lead to additional, exciting work for both firms,” says Bob Frause, chairman and CEO. Frause provides a comprehensive suite of services from public relations and marketing to social media and digital design.

Shared work environments can add energy to a workplace, Conkling and Frause said. “We think the exposure to different ideas and approaches will be a positive for both of our staffs in Portland.”

They noted the working relationship gives both firms greater capabilities in Oregon and Washington to serve regional clients.