Brighter, Fresher CFM Home Page

The CFM website now features a brighter, fresher home page centered on recent client success stories. Those stories are contained in an online magazine format, which we will add to in coming weeks.

Website home pages should make information of interest to viewers easily accessible. The updated CFM home page allows one-click access to each of the firm's five services, as well as to its thought leadership and staff expert sections. The home page connects viewers to CFM's extensive online newsroom and makes it easy to follow the firm's activities on various social media sites. 

"Our goal was to give a fresh look to what we do," says CFM Digital Strategist Hannah Smith, who designed the home page and connecting landing pages. "It is a good representation of the visual communications we urge our clients to use."

CFM designs special purpose websites for clients that are aimed at specific audiences and are content-rich. Most websites CFM designs are intended for clients to self-administer to cut costs and reduce time delays in posting new content.

The online magazine is a new feature to the CFM website. "This is an intriguing tool that replicates online the experience of thumbing through a magazine," Smith explains. "It has a familiar feel for viewers and allows the website designers to pack a lot of content, with strong visual displays, in a small space."

Smith used the online magazine to showcase recent CFM client success stories, including securing passage of the nation's first law to allow wineries to sell their wine through retail outlets in reusable glass growlers.

"The online magazine format," Smith says, "gives you a chance to make viewers feel as if they are drinking a glass of wine when they read the case study about growlers."