Adamson Presents at County College

CFM Senior Public Affairs Associate Jessica Adamson went back to college last week, but this time as a teacher at County College.

Her pupils were freshmen county commissioners from around Oregon. Her topic was how to think about and manage your reputation as an elected official. 

Judging by responses, the presentation was a smashing success.


"Seed for a lot of thought. Who are we — really?"

"I am working with a personal coach and this presentation reinforces what I am doing."

"Excellent. Thanks for a good inspiration final session." 

"Very smooth and confident. Great advice."

The seminars are staged by the Association of Oregon Counties, which invited Adamson to speak.

"It is a great opportunity to meet newer elected officials from around Oregon and share some advice I've learned from my experience in government," Adamson said. Adamson has worked as a legislative staffer in the Oregon Senate, chief of staff for House Co-Speaker Arnie Roblan and business liaison for Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley. She has worked as a lobbyist and, while attending Pacific University, was the student representative on the Oregon Scholarship Commission.