Celebrating Mother's Day in Style

Lemon meringue pie, a backyard barbecue, multigenerational gatherings, lunch on the Chesapeake River, birthdays and brunch at Mother's Bistro in Portland are just some of the treats in store for mothers and grandmothers in the CFM family this Mother's Day.

Here is a complete rundown of what the CFM staff will be doing for their mothers or being done for them as mothers:

Ellen Miller:  My mother and I will be spending the weekend in Seattle celebrating a wedding and a dear friend's successful heart bypass surgery. I am hoping my brother will surprise my mom by flying in from Colorado with his fiancé.

Julie Crockett:  I will be travelling to Mississippi to cheer on my brother, James Pyatt, as he receives his Masters of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Mississippi. I am blessed to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother and grandmother. I haven't seen my family since the holidays, so I am very excited to spend this special time with them. In addition, on Saturday, my grandfather, James Johnston, turns 90 years old. It has always been a joke in my family that Granddaddy shares his birthday with Grandmother, as his birthday usually falls on Mother's Day weekend.

Norm Eder:  BBQ at home with three generations of mothers. I am still trying to book the Mothers of Invention.

Ralph Saperstein:  My mother will celebrate with my Seattle family and read my card, laugh and say, "Where does he find these?" She will return to her apartment to see the potted flowers on her patio I sent her. She'll gush about how beautiful they are and that she loves flowers. Her favorite child will have once again stolen her heart and let my sibs know who is still No. 1. Meanwhile, the mother of my kids will be pampered all day after receiving chocolate and flowers and dinner out.

Page Phillips:  I am taking my 5-year-old daughter to Eugene to see my 70-year-old Mom and my 93-year-old grandmother. Four generations together for a celebration.

Cindy Brown:  Taking a day trip to Seattle with my husband not only to enjoy Mother's Day with my daughter, Johannah, but also to celebrate her 21st birthday May 12, a perfect Mother's Day gift.

Hannah Smith:  I treated my mom to a pedicure for Mother's Day. Not only was it a great way to give her the pampering she deserved, it was a fun way to catch up and talk.

Dave Fiskum:  Honoring all the mothers in my family, including my wife Nancy, my son's wife Holly and daughter Lissy. Gifts are bought and dinner plans are made. The main plan is to give the mothers time on their own. Who knows, they may want to golf. 

Tess Milio:  My entire family will be in Portland from Los Angeles. We are going out to brunch, sightseeing and then making dinner together at my apartment.

Joel Rubin:  My wife and kids will be driving an hour to meet Sarah's parents and siblings for brunch on the Chesapeake River. After brunch, we will be driving back home for our 7-year-old daughter Hannah's last soccer game of the year. The game is against the dreaded green team, made up of kids that seem much older, bigger and faster than Hannah's team. The two teams are undefeated, so this is the championship game. Even though it's Mother's Day, there is no way Hannah wanted to miss it. After the game, I'm supposed to come up with a surprise dinner plan. Of course, I haven't figured that out yet, but I'm sure it will be great.

Tom Eiland:  I will be in Boston enjoying dinner with Dana. Note, Mother's Day was founded in Grafton, West Virginia on May 10, 1908, my mother's hometown.

Beverly Melven:  With my son working on the Arctic Slope on Mother's Day, I'll be treating myself to a weekend in Roseburg with a friend.

Dan Jarman:  We're planning Oregon Garden brunch with mothers and grandmother. 

Jessica Adamson:  As May 11th is the Sherwood High School Prom, I'll be starting Mother's Day at 12-something a.m. waiting for my two oldest children to come in the door and tell me about their evenings. Later, after some sleep, my family will be venturing to Albany to enjoy a Mother's Day BBQ at my parent's house. Like Page, we'll have four generations together to enjoy the day.

Gary Conkling:  Going to brunch at Mother's Bistro with my mother and wife. Later, daughters Sophia and Jessica are planning a surprise dessert of lemon meringue pie with home-brewed lattes. Then dinner cooked on the barbie, coupled with a splash of champagne.