Landing on the Right Information

The CFM website landing pages for marketing PR and public affairs now feature some of our best blog posts that describe the services we provide, how those services are delivered and why they are important.

"Our website is designed to make it easy to find the information you want about the services we provide," says CFM President Gary Conkling. "Now we've made it easier for you to look inside those services to see how they work and produce results."

CFM maintains five blogs that align with its five primary business lines — public affairs, marketing PR, research, federal lobbying and state lobbying in Oregon. Blog posts range from topical subjects to ones that highlight our services, such as crisis counsel, integrated marketing strategies and Web-based panel research.

"We've retrieved some of our best, most descriptive blog posts and put them on their respective CFM website landing pages," explains CFM Account Executive Hannah Smith. "That gives viewers an easy, quick way to see what we do and why we do it."

The strategy behind the CFM website is to package relevant content — team member bios, case studies and service descriptions — so existing and prospective clients can find the information they want. "We love what we do and we love to talk about what we do," says CFM Account Executive Suzie Giacomelli. "The website and our business-line landing pages reflect that."

The Public Affairs landing page features blog posts about online newsrooms, employing social media in a crisis and helping reporters do their job covering complex issues. It also has a blog about when and how to ask for a correction in the media.

The Marketing PR landing page includes blogs about social media engagement, creating online videos and maintaining a healthy Facebook page. It also has one about designing effective website landing pages.