CFM Online Newsroom Launches Today

The new CFM Online Newsroom spotlights some of our most creative and interesting projects, including videos and websites. Launched today, it also serves as a convenient place to find out what's happening at CFM and with our clients.

"We advise clients to add an online newsroom to their websites," says CFM Account Executive Hannah Smith. "We decided it made sense to follow our own advice."

In addition to seeing CFM in action, the Online Newsroom "is a great way for us to give our clients greater exposure," Smith says.

CFM's Online Newsroom features client websites, videos and op-eds, as well as news items about CFM, including blog posts. "The newsroom provides media highlights in an easy-to-digest format," Smith explains. "It is a great way to see all that we do for our clients."

Check back regularly, Smith encourages, for fresh content and updates.