Conkling to Head International PR Network

The president of CFM Strategic Communications, Gary Conkling, will start a two-year term later this month as president of Pinnacle Worldwide, an international network of independently owned and operated public relations agencies.

More than 60 firms located in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim are available to provide services through Pinnacle. “Typically, our agencies are the leading agencies in their markets,” Conkling says in a video posted on this website.

“We are a global network based on first-name partnerships with like-minded firms from Los Angeles to London,” Conkling says. Pinnacle is a benefit for CFM clients who operate in multiple states or emerging overseas markets, Conkling adds. Virtual PR companies may be created, blending their know-how to deliver customer messages.

“They [Pinnacle members] are led by senior PR professionals. They’re also good, solid teams that have a deep source of talent, a deep bench, that can do a wide variety of work,” Conkling says.

“I value the opportunity to sit and talk to my peers, to be able to share information, and to learn what they are doing for best practices for their clients,” he says. Conkling adds that he appreciates the chance to share information so that CFM really has a handle on what are the emerging trends, new tools and techniques that are effective.

CFM is the Oregon member of Pinnacle. Membership is by invitation only. Principals from member firms meet regularly to exchange ideas on best practices and discuss how to handle critical communications issues.

Conkling has served as CFM president since 1990, when he co-founded the firm. Based in Portland, CFM provides services in the areas of PR Marketing Communications, Public Affairs, Research and State and Federal Lobbying. Branch offices are located in Salem, OR and Washington, D.C.