Combating Hunger at Home and in the Horn

Drought has ravaged the Horn of Africa and groups such as Mercy Corps have responded with long-term efforts to combat food insecurityThanksgiving is a wonderful time to celebrate friends and family through feasting. But it also is a fitting time to remember people around the block — and around the world — who face staggering hunger.

In that spirit, CFM contributed $2,500 before the holiday to support Mercy Corps efforts to provide long-term, sustainable assistance in Somalia and Niger to combat food insecurity, especially in times of drought.

"Distributing food is sometimes necessary, especially during times of crisis," Mercy Corps says, "but we believe in teaching people to fish, plant gardens and raise livestock for their household needs. This holistic approach not only ensures that families don't go hungry, but also looks out for their health and long-term economic prospects."

With help from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mercy Corps is bringing sustainable food security to 40,000 people in the southern part of Somalia, which has fallen victim to natural disasters and strife. It is helping Niger revamp its dairy production system. It works with 3,775 direct beneficiaries, with the ability to impact the lives of 100,000 people by delivering readily available, affordable dairy products and upgraded nutrition.

CFM's contribution was matched dollar-for-dollar by a special program conducted by Mercy Corps prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.

CFM also worked with its clients, such as Del Monte Fresh Produce, to contribute fresh fruits and vegetables to the Oregon Food Bank, Marion-Polk Food Share and Harrisburg Harvesters Gleaners.

As a supporter of the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, CFM also has helped generate donations to the Oregon Food Bank.

"We all have a responsibility to tackle the injustice of hunger, in our own community or the world community," says CFM President Gary Conkling. "No one has the power to erase hunger, but each one of us has the power to do something."


To donate to MercyCorp, click here.