CFM Pros Pose as Portlandia Extras

Fred Armisen and crew member on location in North Portland. CFM Account Executives Hannah Smith and Suzie Giacomelli got a taste of show business last month as extras in the hit TV show Portlandia. Smith and Giacomelli drove by the shoot, parked and did a little exploring. A staffer said they looked like extras. Before they knew it, they were part of the action.

“We stood in a long line of Portlanders committeed to getting in to a popular brunch spot. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein crowd surf to the front of the line when their names are finally called. I’ve been part of similar scenes in my everyday life, so it wasn’t a big stretch. We Portlanders love our food,” said Smith.

“We said ‘hi’ to Fred Armisen and took direction from staffers. The extras – volunteers – were excited to be part of the action. It was a hot day by Portland standards, but morale was high,” said Giacomelli.

Giacomelli and Smith plan to watch the episode at a local pub to see if they’re in the final footage and relive their experience. Give them a shoutout on CFM’s page on Facebook if you catch them on the small screen.