Pinnacle, CFM Expand Global Reach

CFM is Oregon's only member of Pinnacle Worldwide, which just extended its global reach through a strategic partnership with 27&More, a network of independent European PR companies.Members of the Pinnacle Worldwide network of independently owned and operated public relations firms, including CFM, now have greater coverage in Europe through an alliance with 27&More.

Established in September 2007 in Frankfurt, 27&More consists of prominent European PR agencies that now cover 44 countries. A number of 27&More members formerly belonged to Pinnacle Worldwide, which has member firms in most major North American markets, Latin America and Asia. CFM is Pinnacle's representative in Oregon.

"The alliance between Pinnacle Worldwide and 27&More enables firms such as CFM to offer global coverage to its clients," says CFM President Gary Conkling. "That coverage is high quality because the owners of the firms in our alliance are the senior PR professionals who do the work for clients."

Ruud Bijl, president of Bijl Partners in Public Relations in the Netherlands and president and co-founder of 27&More, says, "Our alliance hand-picked the best consultancies in each country rather than relying on 'outposts' of a big brand to deliver PR services. That means quality consulting provided by experts for brands seeking sound strategic support regardless of location around the globe."

"With our combined strength providing access to highly respected offices around the world, this partnership expands the reach for our clients and members alike," says Donna Vandiver, president and CEO of The Vandiver Group, Inc., in St. Louis, Mo., and president of Pinnacle Worldwide.

Conkling, who is president-elect of Pinnacle Worldwide, was assigned the task of coordinating with Bilj on details of the new alliance, including working relationships between firms and the exchange of best practices. "I first met Ruud at a European meeting of Pinnacle Worldwide members," Conkling said. "He is one of the best PR professionals I have met. Personally knowing and respecting our worldwide partners is what sets apart our new alliance."