CFM’s Santore Tours Homes for Orphaned and Abandoned Children in Asia

CFM’s Ali Santore toured facilities for orphaned and abandoned children in Asia last month.Diane Sawyer may have anchored ABC World News from China last week, but CFM’s Ali Santore was there last month, and today posted an Under the Dome blog about the fate of orphaned and abandoned children.

Vice President for Federal Affairs in CFM’s Washington, D.C. office, Santore toured Asia with executives from Oregon-based Holt International Children’s Services.

“I had the pleasure of traveling to China and South Korea to visit Holt’s programs and orphanages last month, Santore says in her blog. “As a mother, I prepared myself for the heartbreaking images and realities I knew I would face on the trip.

“While it is unfathomable for most families in the United States to consider abandoning their children, China’s one-child policy, and the deep cultural resistance to diversity and disabilities in South Korea, make child abandonment heart-wrenchingly commonplace,” she writes.

The blog describes the Holt family’s remarkable two-month effort to convince Congress to make changes in international adoption laws for the United States in the 1950s, the beginning of a remarkable and legendary Oregon story.

See Ali’s blog.