CFM Hosts Public Speaking Seminar for Executives, Leaders

Kerry Tymchuk shares the four keys to memorable public speaking. See event photos in a video at the end of this post.Public speaking, snakes and death– these rank as people's top 3 fears. But effective public speaking is key to success in today's business world. On September 30, local executives and leaders gathered at the University Club of Portland for "Raising Your Voice: Tips on How to Be an Effective Public Speaker with Kerry Tymchuk."

Tymchuk has written countless speeches for some of America's best-known political figures, including Bob Dole, Elizabeth Dole and Gordon Smith. He also is well known for his abilities as a public speaker and master of ceremonies.

At the event, Tymchuk shared 4 keys for skillful speech development and memorable public speaking: prepare, practice, polish and present. Tymchuk shared that everyone gets butterflies, and that preparation is key to preventing a final 'p'– for puke.

In addition, Tymchuk shared the importance of:

  • Brevity. Ronald Ragan's rule was 7 minutes. The longer you speak, the less people remember.
  • Using notes. Don't memorize. If you lose your place while giving a memorized speech, it's difficult to get back on track. Rather, know your speech's framework, and reference notes. If you do memorize, make it the introduction or first minute of the speech.
  • Being yourself. Embrace your quirks during speeches and resist canned speech advice directing you to change your gaze every X number of seconds or gesture certain ways.
  • Incorporating quotations. A quote from, for example, Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King Junior, can help set the tone or convey points.
  • Taking cues from the audience. Connect and engage with audience members, and edit your speech on the fly based on audience feedback, such as people leaving early or looking disengaged.
  • Humor. Make sure it's timely, and use it throughout your speech. Self-deprecating humor is best.

Tymchuk demonstrated his tips seamlessly during the event, with his humor keeping the guests at ease and entertained throughout the event.

For more about CFM's speech development and speaker coaching capabilities, contact Kerry Tymchuk or Gary Conkling.

For more about CFM's event development, execution and management capabilities, contact Suzie Giacomelli.

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