Follow CFM on Its New Facebook Page and Twitter

CFM has posted its new Facebook page and is continuing its presence on Twitter. You also can see our videos on YouTube.

With a new name, CFM relaunched its Facebook page, which will serve as a window into what our staff members are doing at work and for play.

"We think about Facebook as our back porch," says CFM President Gary Conkling. "We will share comments and pictures with friends about what we do for clients, but also share some of our fun times as a staff and in our own lives. You may see video from a presentation alongside a picture gallery of a staff member's anniversary trip to Hawaii."

CFM's Twitter feed will keep people informed about fresh posts on the five new blogs introduced as part of the firm's updated website. "Our tweets are intended to let people know about new, timely content when it is posted," explains Senior Account Executive Ashley Sherrick. "It's also a chance to highlight key insights in our blogs."

CFM's new website contains many videos, which are mounted on YouTube. "We've created a whole new way to see what CFM stands for and does for clients," says Senior Gray Beard Doug Babb, who oversaw the overhaul of the firm's website.

Most CFM staff members are active on some or all social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

"We are social media and website coaches," says Account Executive Hannah Smith, who led the design team for CFM's new website. "We want to walk our talk, so we give advice based on everyday experiences and an up-to-date knowledge of the tools and what they can do."

"Our overall goal," adds Conkling, "is to make it easy to know what services CFM provides and to see the personality of the staff behind those services."

Become a fan of CFM on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Check us out on YouTube and connect with staff members via LinkedIn. It's the sociable thing to do.