PBA Taps Tymchuk To Moderate Breakfast Series

The Portland Business Alliance (PBA) has recruited CFM Principal Kerry Tymchuk to moderate its 2009-2010 monthly breakfast forum series starting September 16. The Alliance is greater Portland's leading business association.

Tymchuk, known for his quick wit and deep knowledge of policy issues, will add a new component to the breakfast’s panel discussions, PBA said in an announcement.

“We are always looking for ways to make our events more engaging for our members,” says Charles Wilhoite, chair of the Portland Business Alliance board and managing director of Willamette Management Associates. “Kerry’s humor and longtime work on the issues affecting our region made him the obvious choice for leading our monthly policy discussions.”

During the upcoming year forum topics may include health care reform, the pros and cons of a ballot measure about business and personal tax increases, an economic forecast by John Mitchell, a look at Portland’s changing population as well as other issues.

"The Portland Business Alliance Forums have earned a reputation as one of the region's preeminent venues for timely and thought provoking policy discussions,” Kerry says. “My goal as moderator is to build on that reputation and to ensure that the discussions are compelling, relevant and fun."

Kerry served as State Director to U.S. Senator Gordon Smith (R-Ore) from 1997 to early 2009, when he joined CFM. In that position Kerry Tymchuk earned a bi-partisan reputation for effectiveness and integrity. A native of Reedsport, Oregon, Kerry is a 1981 graduate of Willamette University, and a 1984 graduate of Willamette University School of Law.

He also served as a speechwriter for Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole.

Stay up on monthly announcements about PBA forum speakers in a new feature soon to appear on this Web site and in our newsletters called “CFM Sponsors.”