Tymchuk Officially Declared “Interesting”

Better to be an interesting person than a person of interest. That sound’s like something CFM Principal Kerry Tymchuk might say. But, he didn’t. He did manage to spin enough memorable stories, however, to be featured in last week’s Portland Tribune.

Kerry, who joined CFM in April after serving as state director for U.S. Senator Gordon Smith, was profiled in “In character with Kerry Tymchuk: A conversation with an interesting Portlander.”

The article mentions several Kerry’s achievements, such as:

  • Being co-author with former U.S. Senator and presidential nominee Bob Dole about presidential humor. A favorite story about Abe Lincoln: “And a man came to the office one day seeking a job, and said, “Mr. President, the chief of customs has just passed away. May I take his place?” And Lincoln responded, “If it doesn’t matter to the undertaker, it doesn’t matter to me.”
  • Being introduced to former President Nixon in 1991, who was intrigued to learn Kerry was a four-time champion on Jeopardy! “And Nixon, to my surprise, said, “I watched all the time. Sit down and tell me about it. So I spent half an hour talking with Nixon about Jeopardy, and I almost said, “I’ll take disgraced former presidents for $200 please, Alex.”
  • Discussing the odd phone calls that come into a U.S. Senator’s office: “Some people don’t understand the difference between federal, state and city (government). And there were folks who thought Sen. Smith could fix things. People would call and say, “My garbage didn’t get picked up this morning, can you take care of it?”