Expanded Office for CFM’s 20th Year

CFM is starting 2010 – its 20th year in business – with a remodeled and expanded Portland office. Jake Ten Pas isn’t using the sofa in the small conference room and a Mac iBook perched on his lap for his office anymore. Suzie Giacomelli doesn’t have to sit at the reception desk because there is no other space, either.

A successful year, added staff and the need for a new lease drove the expansion on office space. CFM opted to stay on the 14th floor of Standard Plaza at 1100 SW Sixth Ave. in downtown Portland.

“In the process, the remodeled space was done in a way that is consistent with the building’s LEED Gold standard,” says CFM Partner Pat McCormick. To keep up with The Standard’s sustainability spirit, CFM created a Green Team and is rolling out a phased waste reduction and recycling program.

CFM made better use of the space it leased by moving interior walls and squeezing in more offices. It also added square footage, building two new staff offices. Walls came down, too, creating open, airy workspaces near the windows. A new kitchen, more storage space, a second conference room and two workstations for visitors also were added. The Portland office now comfortably houses the Portland-based staff of about 20.