Tree Top, Inc.: Launching a New Consumer Product


Tree Top, Inc., an agricultural co-operative of more than 1,300 apple and pear growers, rolled out a new functional beverage called trim®. Tree Top wanted to increase retail distribution of its new trim® product through earned media coverage in its key growth markets. CFM delivered.


Placing a new product in the media – in light of the decline of traditional media – adds a whole new variable to the formula. CFM had to develop a comprehensive product launch campaign for trim® that incorporated traditional and social media tactics.


CFM recommended its product launch plan, which included developing a key list of media targets in each of Tree Top’s growth markets, putting together personalized ‘sample packs’ of trim® with a handwritten note tailored to each contact, and distributing it via snail mail.


In four months, CFM garnered quality media coverage in each of Tree Top’s target markets, most of which was in more than one media outlet. CFM also garnered national coverage on outlets such as Glamour’s Vitamin G blog, which proved a huge success. Results showed that it is still possible to garner traditional media coverage, and that being hyper-creative and unique in building relationships with media targets is the key to client success.