Tillamook Cheese on Twitter



In this day and age, it’s not enough for a company to speak to its consumers. A company also must be willing to listen and respond to praise or attacks on its business practices or products. With CFM’s creative inspiration, Twitter effectively was used on behalf of Tillamook Cheese, as a medium providing informative, light and playful – and sometimes serious – responses to consumers.


Create a voice for Twitter that’s as flexible as the types of posts it will respond to, not to mention the variety of material it will publish. Find a frequency of posting that keeps followers engaged without overloading them. Stay vigilant to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to make a new fan, correct a misconception or give credit to a blogger who’s got something nice to say about you.


We created an icon of Loafy, Tillamook’s signature Baby Loaf – or two-pound brick – of Medium Cheddar, and had him interact in first person with Tillamook’s followers. Through a combination of recipes, information about upcoming events, links to blogs and to our own Tillamook Fan Club Web site, we kept a steady stream of informative and entertaining content available for those who wanted it. We also made sure we responded whenever somebody asked a question or logged a complaint.


Using this approach, we created an experience that was both active and interactive. In a little more than a year, we grew the account to more than 4,000 followers. This was accomplished by and large without promotional contests, and no auto-follow programs were used. By creating a large group of followers, CFM was able to reach and respond to dedicated followers, creating a feeling of real involvement with Tillamook’s growing community.