Tillamook Cheese: Extending the brand

Tillamook Cheese Social Media

Tillamook County Creamery Association, the cooperative that runs Tillamook Cheese, blended two CFM services:

Public Affairs: CFM facilitated a reputation management audit with the dairy cooperative’s leadership, an enormous opportunity to enhance Tillamook’s brand and good name. Wanting to stay ahead of consumer preferences, Tillamook decided to eliminate rBST in the herds of more than 150 dairy farmers. Tillamook planned a quiet transition, but when agribusiness giant Monsanto – maker of rBST – loudly protested and attempted to divide cooperative membership, a huge public fight broke out.

CFM helped Tillamook with an aggressive program of member relations and media outreach that gained national attention, further enhancing Tillamook’s reputation.

Marketing Public Relations: CFM conceived and executed a comprehensive public relations program for Tillamook Cheese. The program also worked to enhance Tillamook’s reputation and build authentic relationships with target consumers.

Key programs included:

  • Development and execution a Mac & Cheese recipe contest in several key markets;
  • Raising brand awareness of target consumers through strategic partnerships and sponsorships of high profile community and industry events;
  • Using an online strategy to create and grow a community of brand advocates through a special Tillamook Fan Club microsite and the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter;
  • Staging vibrant interactive Tillamook centennial events; and
  • Pitching Tillamook Cheese stories to key local and national media and bloggers resulting in valuable publicity.