Regional Health Care Provider: Including Customers in Designing Ad Concepts



At a time when marketing dollars are tight, companies can ill-afford making mistakes by not thoroughly vetting every phase of their marketing efforts. Advertising is no exception. A health care client wanted to be sure its proposed new advertising campaign motivated targeted groups to switch to their services.


Test several advertising concepts among narrowly defined groups of people to assess creative concepts and determine the effectiveness of the ads.


Focus groups are an effective way to test advertising concepts. CFM planned and conducted seven focus groups, among consumers and business decision makers in several markets, to determine how well advertising concepts met goals and objectives.


Groups liked but didn’t love the ads. Basic concepts were sound, but group participants recommended changes to make the ads believable, relevant and motivating. Armed with the customer information, the creative team redesigned the ads with positive results. Sales increased, requests for proposals increased and hits on Web-based marketing increased. The ad campaign also won regional and international awards.