Providence Health & Services: Using Consumer Panels for Research and Engagement


Meeting and exceeding patient expectations is key to growth in health care. People share experiences, good and bad. Providence wanted a better way to measure satisfaction and to listen to and engage customers.


Develop a research tool that allowed the client to interview thousands of patients statewide, using both surveys and focus groups, in a four-month period and on a limited budget.


CFM recommended using Web-based panel research to help gather quantitative and qualitative information to support development of a comprehensive marketing plan.


In less than three months, CFM conducted two online surveys among 3,000 Providence patients and five Web-based focus groups on specific topics. Results helped the organization determine how well Providence is meeting patient expectations, measure customer satisfaction across 21 physician clinics in a four-county area, test ad concepts, assess preferences for online communication tools and engage patients about how and to whom they talk about key health care issues.