Opening the Keizer Transit Center


CFM: Opening Salem Keizer Transit Center

After receiving federal and state grants, Salem-Keizer Transit wanted to maximize opportunities at the groundbreaking and grand opening of the new Keizer Transit Center. It retained CFM, which had helped secure federal funding for the center, to ensure both events were well-attended and served as opportunities to talk about the value and benefits of public transportation.


The design of the center was a collaborative effort with riders, SKT personnel, local businesses and neighborhood residents. The center is one part of SKT’s new service design using the three Cs – circulators, collectors and centers. SKT wished to celebrate all three elements at Keizer Transit Center events, while making sure it said thank you to everyone who had a hand in the center.

SKT desired the right mix of political, government agency and business leaders to attend. The event needed to be unique and provide opportunity for attendees to connect with local, state and congressional leadership. The event also needed to get the attention of the local media for SKT to share the story of the Keizer Transit Center.


CFM secured Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Kurt Schrader as keynote speakers for the grand opening. CFM designed an event program that allowed the SKT general manager, board president and other agency leaders to talk about the transit agency’s role and value. CFM identified, invited and coordinated attendance by key local leaders and influencers.


More than 100 local leaders and influencers attended the event and heard about the efficiency of transit and economic development benefits of the Keizer Transit Center. SKT officials thanked those who secured funding and acknowledged people involved in the design and construction of the center.

The events earned wide media attention, which helped the agency share its successes and its story about making Keizer more attractive for residents and businesses and offering more choices to reduce single care occupancy.