Opening a New Oregon Wine Marketing Channel


As demand continues to grow for Oregon’s wine, the Oregon wine industry continues to look for innovative ways to provide wine to consumers at an affordable price point and in an environmentally sustainable way. With CFM’s expert guidance, Oregon wineries now can sell their wine at retail outlets from kegs into re-usable glass growlers.


Most Oregon wineries produce less that 50,000 cases a year, which is a small yield compared to California and Washington wineries. The growing number of small wineries has made it even more competitive to earn grocery store shelf space and appear on restaurant menus. Oregon law permitted microbreweries to sell their beer at retail outlets from kegs to growlers, but only Allowed wineries to sell wine in growlers through their tasting rooms.


At the urging of its small winery members, the Oregon Winegrowers Association asked CFM to advocate for legislation to allow wine growlers.

Given the popularity of beer growlers, CFM urged Oregon legislators to let consumers have the same affordable and sustainable access to Oregon wines. CFM lobbyists demonstrated how wine growlers work in legislative hearings and explained how this would give smaller wineries a new marketing channel to reach consumers who couldn’t go to their tasting rooms.


The legislation passed unanimously, making Oregon the first state in the nation to permit wine growlers at retail outlets.