Mariel Zagunis: Helping an Olympian Get Her Point Across


Mariel Zagunis: Helping an Olympian Get Her Point Across

Mariel Zagunis knows how to get her point across. The 25-year-old Beaverton resident has won two Olympic gold medals in fencing. But when it came to getting pointers on conducting a social media campaign, she turned to CFM's Marketing PR team.


Zagunis wanted to connect with her dedicated fans. As the first woman to win the Gold Medal in Olympic sabre fencing, Zagunis has developed a loyal following of fans who call themselves 'Zagoonaloons.' However, these fans had no way to connect directly with their beloved fencing phenomenon.


Given the several 'Zagoonaloon'-created groups on Facebook, CFM built an integrated online presence that featured both a Facebook page and website. Account Executive Hannah Smith simultaneously built the two portals, first launching the Facebook page, followed by the website. The website can be viewed at and the Facebook page at


The response to Mariel's web presence has been incredible. Less than two weeks after launching the Facebook page, Mariel already had surpassed 1,000 fans. The page continues to grow and is expected to reach 3,000 fans by April 2011. The website has received steady traffic, and helped Mariel to secure additional sponsors.