Helping Fund Innovation at Oregon Institute of Technology


Helping Fund Innovation at Oregon Institute of Technology

When the Oregon Institute of Technology needed federal funding to build a Geothermal Power Generation Facility, and construction and equipment for the new Center for Health Professions, the CFM Federal lobbying team answered the call by delivering more than $4.5 million.


Over the last three years, federal funding for congressional earmarks has become more competitive, and the number and amount of earmarks has been reduced.


CFM worked with OIT to showcase the unique nature of its requests and demonstrate the exciting benefits that could be derived from federal investment. The Geothermal Power Generation Facility would be the first of its kind on a university campus. The Center for Health Professions project would address the health care workforce training and education shortages that will plague the entire state of Oregon for the next two decades. These two projects are emblematic of the progressive, problem-solving spirit that Oregonians appreciate.


Working with the Oregon delegation, CFM helped OIT secure $3.6 million over three years for its Geothermal Power Generation Facility and $950,000 over three years for the Center for Health Professions and health related equipment. CFM also crafted language and included authorization for a $2 million grant program for the Geothermal Power Generation Facility in the 2007 Energy bill.