Fort Vancouver Regional Library District


The Fort Vancouver Regional Library District has never charged late fees for overdue materials. Some board members proposed changing that policy and charging patrons late fees for overdue books. District managers wanted to know what library patrons thought about the proposal.


How to interview a large number of library patrons across a four-county area during a short period of time to get community input and help the library board with decision-making.


CFM recommended a Web-based survey among FVRL’s 17,000 patrons for whom they had email addresses. CFM designed a survey to determine priorities for the district and determine opinions about the proposed late fees among patrons age 16 and older. More than 3,000 persons participated.


The message was clear, more books, more services and no late fees. In fact, patrons who use library services at least once a week, the district’s best customers, opposed fees. The board listened and decided to table the proposal.