Combining Social Media and Traditional Research


Young adults are a key part of the consumer market. A client wanted to know what this important demographic groups thought about a new health care product.


Finding, recruiting and getting young women and men to participate in live focus groups. The demographic group moves often, typically does not have a landline telephone and does not use traditional media to get information.


Recognizing young adults are more likely to be online than have a landline, CFM used Facebook ads to recruit two focus groups among men and women age 19 to 29. Using Facebook’s administration tool, CFM found more than 35,000 young adults in the Portland market interested in health care. We were able to place ads where our target audience would see them. An online screening survey helped to identify the type of young men and women wanted for the research, including questions to ensure participants were communicators.


The initial feedback from the client…”Wow we learned a lot.” Using Facebook ads, CFM was able to recruit 15 men and 15 women for two focus groups. In the sessions, the young adults described the product features they preferred, how they wanted to use and not use social media to learn about health care and why some young adults don’t have health insurance.