City of Longview, Washington: Securing Emergency Water Funds


When the City of Longview, Washington needed federal assistance to address a pending water shortage and funding shortfall, the CFM Federal Lobbying team put together a comprehensive legislative strategy that delivered more than half a million dollars. In the end, thankfully, there was no water shortage. However, with the funding secured, the dredging permit and the emergency plan in place, the City of Longview received the

comprehensive service CFM had promised.


CFM was hired a week before the appropriations deadline in Congress. We also were facing the possibility of an emergency water shortage within six months. CFM needed to act quickly to coordinate a federal funding strategy and also ensure we addressed a possible water shortage by devising a comprehensive plan that involved federal and state regulatory agencies.


Within a week, CFM prepared and organized a trip for City officials to visit their congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. Also in a short time, CFM researched funding options, submitted appropriations requests, prepared project “white papers,” contacted federal and state agencies, coordinated grassroots support for the water project and briefed congressional staff.


Working with the Washington Congressional delegation, CFM helped the City of Longview secure $500,000 for construction of a new water treatment facility, $70,000 for reimbursement costs for damage done to the existing water treatment facility and established emergency response plans with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Environmental Protection Agency, Corps of Engineers and Department of Ecology. CFM also helped the City obtain an emergency-dredging permit should the City face low flows in the late summer or fall. , the City of Longview received the comprehensive services CFM had promised.