CFM Designs Website for New Business to Spell Caregivers

CFM Designs Website for New Business to Spell Caregivers Urban Excursions


When an entrepreneur with a heart needed help to design and build a website for her new business, she came to CFM. The entrepreneur was starting a business to provide urban excursions for physically and mentally challenged elderly people, which provide a badly needed break for their caregivers, who often are relatives.


The entrepreneur needed a website that could go from initial design to launch in one month. She was also building the business from scratch during the web development process and needed a firm that could quickly adapt to find solutions.


CFM developed the website, including the content and design. When additional e-commerce functionality was needed, CFM worked with a developer to create a website that met the client’s needs. CFM also assisted with developing visual content and training on how to self-administer the website.


The website launched within the client’s deadline and included all the functionality she needed. With the help of CFM, the client was able to focus on recruiting new customers and starting her business.