CFM Designs Website for New Business to Spell Caregivers

CFM Designs Website for New Business to Spell Caregivers Urban Excursions


When an entrepreneur with a heart needed help to design and build a website for her new business, she came to CFM. The entrepreneur was starting a business to provide urban excursions for physically and mentally challenged elderly people, which provide a badly needed break for their caregivers, who often are relatives.


The entrepreneur needed a website that could go from initial design to launch in one month. She was also building the business from scratch during the web development process and needed a firm that could quickly adapt to find solutions.


CFM developed the website, including the content and design. When additional e-commerce functionality was needed, CFM worked with a developer to create a website that met the client’s needs. CFM also assisted with developing visual content and training on how to self-administer the website.


The website launched within the client’s deadline and included all the functionality she needed. With the help of CFM, the client was able to focus on recruiting new customers and starting her business.

Oregon Right To Repair

Oregon Right to Repair

Cars have become more dependent on onboard computers and, as a result, increasingly complex to maintain and repair. Some car models have as many as 80 to 100 onboard computers. The electronic tools to read all those computers are expensive because every carmaker has one or more scan tools for its vehicles. 

A repair shop that works on major car brands can spend more than $200,000 for all the necessary scan tools. Many repair shops simply cannot afford to buy them all. That's why the Oregon Right to Repair Coalition has proposed legislation to require all car companies to use a universal interface their diagnostic software. 

CFM is providing a blend of services to help Right To Repair in Oregon:

Research: A survey was conducted among consumers about repair issues and who they trust the most to service their car. They like the convenience and cost of independently owned repairs shops.  

Public Affairs: CFM developed a plan to engage community groups and potential supporters that could reach out to state legislators. Consumer groups such as Economic Fairness Oregon, OSPIRG and AAA/Oregon are supporting legislation to preserve consumer choice in car repair.

Public Relations: A website ­– – was created to support outreach efforts. The site features videos and fact sheets. A media relations effort also was undertaken.  State lobbying: CFM’s Salem team met with legislators and staff members to introduce the legislative concept and build support.

State lobbying: CFM’s Salem team met with legislators and staff members to introduce the legislative concept and build support.

Manufacturing 21: Suite of CFM Services Drives Coalition's Success

Manufacturing 21: Suite of CFM services drive Coalitions success

A CFM survey identified a serious problem for the region’s manufacturing industry: It had a Rodney Dangerfield challenge — no respect. Although manufacturing made up nearly 20 percent of the region’s economy and employed 14 percent of the workforce, its contributions were little appreciated. A handful of companies, working with the Portland Development Commission and Clackamas County, turned to CFM to create the Manufacturing 21 Coalition.

CFM services played a vital role:

  • Public Affairs: CFM organized the Coalition, which grew from a small core group to more than 80 members. CFM Partner Norm Eder has served as the Coalition’s executive director and the firm has provided support services.
  • Research: Early in the process, CFM assessed manpower, training and skill-set needs among Manufacturing 21 members to shape an agenda. Research consisted of one-on-one executive interviews and an online survey.
  • State and Federal lobbying: Once formed, the Coalition turned its attention to key industry concerns, such as encouraging public investments in industry-scale applied research and workforce training. CFM won local and federal appropriations to support the R&D and worker training agenda. State lobbying secured additional support.
  • Public Relations: To give the Coalition a voice and tell memorable stories, CFM created a website and conducted media relations.

Results: Since the Coalition was formed, it has raised millions of dollars in federal support, as well as creating partnerships with the region’s colleges, universities and worker training centers. The Coalition has become the go-to voice for the manufacturing.

Mariel Zagunis: Helping an Olympian Get Her Point Across


Mariel Zagunis: Helping an Olympian Get Her Point Across

Mariel Zagunis knows how to get her point across. The 25-year-old Beaverton resident has won two Olympic gold medals in fencing. But when it came to getting pointers on conducting a social media campaign, she turned to CFM's Marketing PR team.


Zagunis wanted to connect with her dedicated fans. As the first woman to win the Gold Medal in Olympic sabre fencing, Zagunis has developed a loyal following of fans who call themselves 'Zagoonaloons.' However, these fans had no way to connect directly with their beloved fencing phenomenon.


Given the several 'Zagoonaloon'-created groups on Facebook, CFM built an integrated online presence that featured both a Facebook page and website. Account Executive Hannah Smith simultaneously built the two portals, first launching the Facebook page, followed by the website. The website can be viewed at and the Facebook page at


The response to Mariel's web presence has been incredible. Less than two weeks after launching the Facebook page, Mariel already had surpassed 1,000 fans. The page continues to grow and is expected to reach 3,000 fans by April 2011. The website has received steady traffic, and helped Mariel to secure additional sponsors.

Tillamook Cheese: Extending the brand

Tillamook Cheese Social Media

Tillamook County Creamery Association, the cooperative that runs Tillamook Cheese, blended two CFM services:

Public Affairs: CFM facilitated a reputation management audit with the dairy cooperative’s leadership, an enormous opportunity to enhance Tillamook’s brand and good name. Wanting to stay ahead of consumer preferences, Tillamook decided to eliminate rBST in the herds of more than 150 dairy farmers. Tillamook planned a quiet transition, but when agribusiness giant Monsanto – maker of rBST – loudly protested and attempted to divide cooperative membership, a huge public fight broke out.

CFM helped Tillamook with an aggressive program of member relations and media outreach that gained national attention, further enhancing Tillamook’s reputation.

Marketing Public Relations: CFM conceived and executed a comprehensive public relations program for Tillamook Cheese. The program also worked to enhance Tillamook’s reputation and build authentic relationships with target consumers.

Key programs included:

  • Development and execution a Mac & Cheese recipe contest in several key markets;
  • Raising brand awareness of target consumers through strategic partnerships and sponsorships of high profile community and industry events;
  • Using an online strategy to create and grow a community of brand advocates through a special Tillamook Fan Club microsite and the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter;
  • Staging vibrant interactive Tillamook centennial events; and
  • Pitching Tillamook Cheese stories to key local and national media and bloggers resulting in valuable publicity.