Creating a logo to tell Central City Concern's story

Creating a logo to tell Center City Concern's story

Overview: Central City Concern (CCC) approached CFM to help tell its story to its target audiences, including potential donors. 

Challenge: CCC is a large non-profit organization that provides a wide variety of services for homeless people in the Portland Metro area. The public lacked awareness about the full scope of services CCC provided to the community. The organization’s logo was old and didn't convey any sense of what CCC does. CFM suggested a fresh logo as a way to explain how CCC helps homeless people get back on their feet.  

Approach: CFM began with a series of interactive focus groups to identify words and visual concepts that explain what CCC does. CFM then compiled the results and worked with a graphic designer to develop logo options that included visual explanations of CCC's work. CFM provided ongoing feedback and strategic counsel throughout the logo development process. 

Result: CCC’s new logo clearly demonstrates the organization’s three key service areas: Homes, health and jobs.  The logo visually shows what is unique about how CCC addresses homelessness. According to a blog post by CCC, “We hope you see our commitment to providing: safe and stable housing to people in need, compassionate healthcare and hope for recovery provided by caring professionals, connection to meaningful employment for able clients, and the fostering of positive relationships that help all of our clients attain a higher potential.” The new logo will be used throughout CCC, including on vehicles, signage and printed materials.